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Peekaboo Raccoon Coral/Peach (pris per decimeter)

22 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Peekaboo Raccoon Coral/Peach
Kommentar till butiken:
Finns i lager
Trikå 165cm bredd
92% bomull
8% lycra
Tvätt: 40grader
Bredd 165cm

Soft organic cotton jersey

Aprox 205 gsm

( printed with rotation )

The size of the raccoon is aprox 9 cm in width. 
The colour is two shades of peach/coral. Please note that colours may appear different on computor screens and in real life

The fabric is made with GOTS-certified cotton and the printing process is also GOTS-certified. 

Care instructions: Max 40C in the washer and no tumble drying. The fabric will shrink aprox 3-5 % therefore we recommend that you prewash the fabric before sewing with it.

Säljes per decimeter. Så när ni anger mängd så anger ni den mängd decimeter ni önskar. Tillexempel, ni önskar köpa 2 meter av tyget, då klickar ni i 20 som antal.